Know About Me

I’ve had a bunch of friends who were always into bikes and motocross. Somehow, their enthusiasm never really rubbed off on me even though they used to try to convince me to join them. Somehow, the idea of all that dirt didn’t appeal to me – plus the whole thing looked so uncomfortable, you know what I mean? It just seemed that I would come home with a very sore butt, if nothing else. That was my attitude for a long time.


My best bud had just bought another motocross bike and had to go collect it and asked me for a favor. All I had to do was come with him and help him bring the second one home. Friends are friends, and I would do anything for them. I said sure, and off we went.

I remember the day. We set off early Saturday morning as the place we had to collect it from was a good 2 hours or so away. He was on his other bike and the ride wasn’t that comfortable to be honest. He had a KTM 450 (2008 model) and it looked swanky alright, but I’m telling you some bikes just need a girl sitting at the back. Dudes travelling together on a KTM just feels wrong. Anyways, we reached the location and obviously my buddy was super possessive of his KTM so he wanted to rid that home while I rode the bike he had just purchased. It was a HONDA XR650L model and even after all my no’s which I gave my buddies, I had ridden bikes.

We went through a few lonely roads and I could really feel the power and suspension of the bike work. It wasn’t a new model – manufactured sometime during the mid-1990s but I wasn’t complaining. Just sitting on the bike feeling the throttle, converted me. There’s something about riding a bike, feeling one with bike and the road that makes motorcyclists love their mode of transport. Of course, this love gets translated into Motocross races later.

We went through a few tracks that he normally used to go to, and it was dusty and there was dirt – but who cares! If you’ve not sat on a bike and ridden it, I don’t know how to explain it to you – there’s something about it – which you have to experience for yourself. Look at me; I refused to go riding with my buddies until I did the long distance trip with my buddy.

How I got into motocross is a different matter. My best bud – whom the bike belonged to had signed up for a race and got sick the last minute. Not until that point I had been going on the tacks with him every weekend or every possible chance I had and he asked me if I could take his place. Now, I had never really taken part in a race but I said may as well give it a go. There’s no great tale of glory, I came fourth – but considering that was my first race, that just cemented my love for the sport and honestly, I’ve never looked back since.